Quick Syncopation Dictation: Ai Di Tren Dam Duong Truong

I was browsing through the one disc of Soundscapes that I brought home with me for Thanksgiving and found two related tracks that I can use for a very quick rhythmic dictation featuring syncopation. The recordings I have are a little different than the one I posted here, but the opening rhythm remains the same. I still have a lot to do to get ready to teach (like reading the textbook to understand why there are two tracks of the same piece…), but here are my current thoughts on how this excerpt will be used: Continue reading

Radiohead, “Bones”: Hearing and notating syncopation

many thanks to my colleague, David Heetderks, for introducing me to this excerpt last year.

Syncopation is always a tricky thing for me to teach. I want students to perform it well, I want them to read it well, and I want them to be able to notate it. Notation always take the longest because syncopation looks so much more complex than it feels. This semester, I am going to attempt a new exercise for introducing notation of syncopation: a guided rhythmic transcription of Radiohead’s “Bones.” Continue reading