New Activity #2: Tuvan Throat Singing Dictation

Back in the classroom tomorrow after a day off for Rosh Hashanah, it’s an exciting day for expanding the content of Aural Skills 1.  We’re ready to start working on leaps within tonic triad, and I was thrilled to hear an excerpt of Tuvan throat singing that was perfect.  All leaps are within what can be conceptualized as a tonic triad.  This feature makes sense because of the way Tuvan throat singing produces pitch (overtone series, given above–the ones heard most often in this music are shaded in with black). It takes a while to get used to listening for the higher pitches and the repetitive segments are easy to get lost in.  So, I’m going to set it up this way:

First we’ll drill leaps within tonic triad as I point to the scale degrees I want them to sing, having written them on the board ahead of time.  Then we’ll drill further tonic-triad leaps from notation. Finally, we’ll embark on the Tuvan melody by learning segments of it through call and response (I will sing).  We’ll make sure everyone can contour the segments before learning a new one.  Finally, I’ll have them write down the segments (labeled X, Y, Z, etc) and we can then map out the recorded song in terms of which segments appear where.

Here’s the tuneKargiraa “Artii-Sayir” – Vasili Chazir

I’m excited to have found a source that is helping me with good examples and reliable information about context.  Kay Kaufman Shelemay’s Soundscapes: Exploring Music in a Global World, 2nd ed. (W.W. Norton).

I’m hoping that saving 30 minutes for the drilling by number, drilling by notation, call-and-response, notation, and diagramming will be enough.

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