Evaluation: expanding content for meter ID

This post evaluates how well my new activity described here went.

So, this was easier and harder than I had thought.  Class went well, but mostly because my preparation was solid and careful.Harder: I invested a lot of time in learning about and listening to Hardanger fiddle music.  I had a hard time figuring out a lot of meters by ear because this music is foreign to me.  Learning about the context helped tremendously (duh!), but took longer.  I learned that this music is often danced to.  When I watched the videos of the dancing, the beat and meter became clear.  Luckily, feet can be very noisy!  It turns out that a lot of my favorite songs were in triple meters with a severely (in my experience…) lengthened second beat.  I really had to carefully choose my examples to be appropriate for aural skills 1 (I discuss this criterion in the Balancing Act).  So, I ended up with clearer, albeit less interesting to me, examples.  And I didn’t have enough variety in the type of meter. So, I looked through my most commonly played tracks from non-common-practice-era (C.P.E.) music (still struggling over what term to use for “Classical Music”) and put together a fun playlist supplemented with some of my favorite C.P.E. music.  Here’s a little shot from the handout.



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