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Here are links to a subset of posts about my Fall 2012 activities.  My goal was to plan, implement, and evaluate an outside-my-canon activity in every class (here’s part of why and here’s more of why). I quickly switched to a blogging format where I update the original post with a post-class evaluation (as opposed to creating a new post dedicated to post-class evaluation). These posts are designed to be shared with others.  Feel free to tweak them based on the experience I report and the needs of your students. I have linked to recordings and class handouts whenever possible.

Hardanger Fiddle and more (meter ID) and my post-class evaluation
Tuvan Throat Singing (tonic-triad leaps) and my post-class evaluation
Scruggs & Flatt, “Pearl, Pearl, Pearl” (harmonic change from I to V)
Irish Pipes (dominant-triad leaps)
Johnny Cash, “Ring of Fire” (tonic- and dominant-triad leaps)
B.B. King “The Thrill is Gone” (harmonic change; 12-bar blues)
Bai Tango Cho Em (“A Tango For You,” Vietnamese Karaoke Song) (melodic dictation)
Punch Brothers, “Soon or Never” (simple dictation practice)
Japanese Folk Song, “Sakura” (introduction to minor mode)
Bob Marley (Peter Tosh performs) “Get Up, Stand Up” (one example of many for accidentals in the minor more)
Enka, “Ringo Oiwake” (open-ended aural analysis)
Radiohead, “Bones” (notating syncopation)
Animals, “House of the Rising Sun” (review and reinforce accidentals in the minor mode)
Tao Moe family performs “Samoan Moon” (harmonic dictation in real time)
Edelweiss (feeling the cadential six-four)
Ai Di Tren Dam Duong Truong (quick syncopation dictation)
Barbara Allen (harmonic function dictation building up to ^6 as a bass note)
“The Shire” (harmonic function dictation for the module 2 exam)



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