MOOCs and Music Theory Pedagogy

So, I’ve been watching some of the discussion on massive open online courses (MOOCs) and notice some parallels with things I, and others, experiment with in our music theory classrooms. In discussing the rise of online education, David Brooks’s recent OpEd in the NYTimes, “The Practical University (April 4, 2013),” explores the question that helps me define my pedagogy: “What is a university for?” Continue reading

How does blogging help your teaching?

So, I opened up my institution’s weekly pedagogy email this morning intending to read and blog about the pedagogy article that would be included.  Oops.  The email was advertising my upcoming stint as “guide” at the next brown-bag pedagogy session. I love the brown bag sessions. I try to make at least two a year and I always walk away with two things I value a lot: new ideas percolating away and a strong sense of community built around the shared goal of being a better teacher. Also, I love meeting people who teach different subjects! I am excited and, of course, honored to be leading the next one.

I’ll be starting our April brown-bag discussion with the question featured in this post’s title…  I’ll have several ideas for where discussion could go, but am excited to experience where discussion actually will go. Continue reading