2013 (January – August) Pedagogy Project

So, I’m on my first sabbatical.  This is my 11th year teaching here (nine years on the tenure track), and I have been very lucky to have 1.5 semesters of maternity leave and a mid-probationary leave since starting the tenure track. The maternity leaves delayed my first post-tenure sabbatical by two years, which (a) seems right and (b) is part of why people who take parental leave are slower to progress through the academic pipeline, but it’s finally HERE! Since I won’t be in the classroom, I have a slightly different project for this blog:

Each week, I am going to read a published pedagogy article, briefly summarize, and then react to it. I’m hoping for two outcomes:

  1. Better ground myself in the literature so I can start publishing pedagogy articles that I’m proud of, and
  2. Create a list of ideas, techniques, and/or projects to try in future semesters.

I will still be blogging about other teaching matters, including any “clinician” visits I make to others’ pedagogy classes.

Do you have favorite journals or articles in the pedagogy field?

3 thoughts on “2013 (January – August) Pedagogy Project

  1. This blog is pretty good– it’s Johns Hopkins’ teaching blog:

    I have a LOT of favorite articles. Email me if you want a deluge, or anything on a specific topic.

    Most of the best teaching journals are paywalled. Does Oberlin have access to the Journal of Engineering Education (I know, you’re not a engineer, and why would Oberlin have access to an engineering education journal, but it’s one of the best)? Or the Teaching Professor newsletter?

    Finally, how about attending a teaching conference during your sabbatical? There are many, but they vary greatly in quality. The best one (IMO, obviously) is the International Lilly Conference (held after your sabbatical– the weekend before Thanksgiving every year at Miami U (Ohio)), but the national Lilly conference in DC (you could stay with us!) is conveniently timed in June, as is the Teaching Professor conference (more variable presentation quality, but I might be presenting at it this year, which would totally raise the mean, right?)– that one’s in New Orleans this year.

    Have fun!

    • Yup, we get it!
      from 01/01/2000 to present in Academic Search Complete and Education Research Complete
      from 04/01/2006 to present in Education Full Text (H.W. Wilson)

      Going to pick a random good-sounding article tomorrow to read and reflect on… Thank you! This sounds really fun…

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